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Become an IT Analyst

IT Analyst Academy led by experienced industry experts will help you change your career. We will teach you everything from scratch in accordance with current market requirements.



Become an IT Analyst

The IT Analyst Academy is a series of training courses, practical exercises and career counseling for people who want to work as a Business Analyst or System Analyst in the IT industry and want to develop their IT project management skills.
After completing the course, participants will be able to apply the acquired skills in various IT projects involving the design and implementation of IT systems supporting processes such as marketing, e-commerce, finance, sales, customer service, HR and logistics.









from 12 600 PLN





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Why us

We will teach you everything from scratch

Our training staff consists of experienced IT specialists who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. During the training you will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences and networking with other participants, which will allow you to get to know the work of an IT Analyst from different perspectives.

Tailored to you

Plan your studies on dates that do not interfere with work and family commitments
(Friday evenings and Saturdays).

Experienced staff

Get practical
professional skills, which
are looking for an employer.

Flexible financing

Choose the financing method that is most convenient for you.



What will you learn during the Academy
  1. Who is an IT Analyst

  2. Product development vs. implementation of the project

  3. What is analytics in the IT world?

  4. Requirements management in Waterfall and Agile projects (Scrum)

  5. IT architecture

  6. IT tools supporting the process of collecting and managing requirements

  7. teamwork

  8. Shift management

  9. Requirements engineering in IT projects

  10. Processes and techniques of collecting user requirements in IT projects

  11. Prioritization of requirements

  12. Process modeling

  13. A practical approach to defining user requirements in IT projects

  14. English for IT Analysts

  15. How to write a professional resume and create a social media profile


Academy application

Predisposition test and job interview

Participation in the Academy
(11 weeks)

Career advice

Course completion certificate

3 job interviews


A comprehensive course for an IT analyst is an ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to gain full knowledge and theoretical and practical skills needed in the work of a Business and Systems Analyst in the IT industry.

Through this training, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to work on a variety of functional and non-functional requirements, data types, tools and technologies, and earn a certification to prove your skills.



Our Academy is an innovative training program implemented in a friendly and creative environment:

  • Maximum 10 participants of the Academy

  • High quality of teaching

  • Opportunity to establish new business contacts

  • Professional preparation for recruitment interviews

  • Career advice at the stage of job search

The most popular


(10 x payment)

PLN 1,400

Save 5%


(2 x payment)

PLN 6,650

Save 10%


(1 x payment)

PLN 12,600

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